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This is What People Have to Say About DesignerLiners

Feedback From Past Partners

Not only are DesignerLiners SUPER cute, but they are GREAT for the environment as well. ~

I really like the look! I used mine in both the downstairs bath and in the trash under my desk, as that is in the living room.  I love that you place them in the bin in what would look to be inside out. But that actually means that the design is always visible!

They are  quite sturdy as well and less likely to split that a shopping bag. ~

I used my Designer Liners in the nursery.  The Gold Gingham design and color went perfect with the colors of my son’s bedding.  I also used them to add a bit of my own style to my office downstairs.

I did use the Designer Liners in the kitchen too.  The color of the wall is a dark red and with the Gold Gingham, it reminded me of fall and the holiday season. ~

Designerliners is on to something pretty fantastic.  Emphasis on the pretty!  They have designer trash can liners that are uber cute!  Best of all?  They are biodegradable! Garbage bags that are stylish and biodegradable?  Oh yeah. ~

We recently moved into a new home and have a lot less room  under the kitchen sink  to put our trash can and recycle bin.  Now with one trash can visible I am loving these stylish designerliners!!  No more drug store, grocery store or retail plastic bags for me!  I am sold! Now with all that being said, I not only feel that these cute bag liners are great, I think they are very safe and good for our environment! ~


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Amazon Reviews

May seem trivial, but sometimes it’s the small things in life which make a difference in another’s life. I cannot lie, I bought some polka dotted liners for myself because these are really high quality refuse bags and they are also terribly cute. ~BostonHolly (5 stars)

Our guest bathroom is a lovely blue color. I was sent the Blue Toile Designerliners for review. It is nice to have a little something extra in the guest bathroom. These biodegradable trash bags look great in my bathroom, and are really great quality. They do not look or feel cheap. What really is nice is that I can empty and reuse this bag several times. The 12pk of Designerliners will last me a while. Instead of using bags from the grocery store, use reusable Designerliners and bring reusable grocery bags to the store instead. ~LaVonne Long (5 stars)

These arrived on time and in great shape. They are very pretty and stylish liners. Really dresses up my waste can’s in my bedrooms. I re-use them to make them last longer as they are a little pricey for liners. ~Lindy Lou (5 stars)

I’m the envy of all my friends. My bathroom is leopard and these miners are the icing on the cake. Will buy them again. Love em.. ~Leea Minter (5 stars)

They really do ‘dress the mess’ for those of us whose wastebasket needs are in full view… in our case, the bathroom. They don’t leak and they don’t rip on the way to the dumpster, either, as some compostable bags do. ~S. Sam (4 stars)