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If This is “Glad” …… This is “Ecstatic!”

We decided to have a little fun showing a Glad® bag side-by-side with a black leopard designerliners® bag. Just about everyone is familiar with Glad bags; they do the job, and if white is your favorite color, you are all set. Designerliners bags were created for fashion conscious homemakers who want design and color choices

Clever Way to Reuse Gift Wrap

This season, Designerliners has introduced its line of reusable plastic gift wrap bags. These bags solve the age-old problem of gift wrap disposal by converting into beautiful wastebasket or trash can liner bags. Just flip the gift wrap bag inside out and it becomes a wastebasket bag. The bags come in an array of polka

DesignerLiners Gets a New Look!

This summer one of our big projects was to get a new site up and running and here it is. We still have a bit of work to do here and there, but we are pretty excited with the more modern look and all the new bells and whistles. Please be patient with us as