About designerLiners wastebasket, Trash and Hamper Liners

"If I saw another drugstore bag hanging over the edge of the wastebasket, I was going to scream. I knew there had to be a better way to do this." ~ Muriel Wiener

Founded in New York City in 2007, designerliners® sought to take a mundane everyday object that we all ignore – the humble waste basket – and turn it into a focal point of home décor in any room. The CEO and Founder of designerliners®, Muriel Wiener, took her experience in the advertising industry to move forward with turning the dream of ‘Dressing the Mess’ in to a reality.

Moving forward with the idea to make a waste basket the most ‘trashionable’ item in any room, Muriel set out to engage focus groups as to what they felt would be the best fitting patterns to launch the product. In the early part of 2008 the first two patterns of Leopard Print and Gingham Print were available for retail purchase, launching the company, not as a garbage bag company, but as an affordable home décor business!

Working with the disabled has been something that Muriel Wiener’s family has always been passionate about and this was something she wanted to continue when launching designerliners®. Her Stepfather, who manufactured small motors for small appliances, always reached out to help the disabled community and employed disabled people in his business for years. Muriel reached out to Life Spire in NYC to help her business with the packaging of her new must-have home décor item and has been working with them since the beginning of her business.

designerliners® has now moved from NYC to Boca Raton, Fla., and is going from strength to strength. has taken over the distribution part of the business so as to make purchase and delivery easier for the customer The company now offers 12 unique designers with new patterns in development so there is always something for everyone with any taste.