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If This is “Glad” …… This is “Ecstatic!”

We decided to have a little fun showing a Glad® bag side-by-side with a black leopard designerliners® bag. Just about everyone is familiar with Glad bags; they do the job, and if white is your favorite color, you are all set.

Designerliners bags were created for fashion conscious homemakers who want design and color choices for their wastebasket or trash bags. Designerliners come in sixteen stylish patterns including polka dots (pink, orange, navy, and green), toiles (red and blue), ginghams (red, gold, baby pink, and baby blue), leopards (black and blue), black tattersall, blue paisley, gray chevron, and even the peace sign.

You can use designerliners bags in your kitchen just like Glad bags. Even though designerliners are strong enough, they are just too pretty to be limited to your kitchen. There are attractive designerliners patterns to beautify all the rooms of your home. Polka dots are ideal for the bathroom. The formal toiles go well in the den or bedroom. The whimsical leopards can go just about anywhere. Tattersall and chevron will enhance your home office. We just added baby pink gingham and baby blue gingham to the designerliners line to enhance your child’s or grandchild’s room. The other 2018 addition to the line was the iconic peace sign.


Glad® is a registered trademark of the The Glad Products Company. Designerliners® is a registered trademark of Designerliners Inc. There is no business connection or any other relationship between The Glad Products Company and Designerliners Inc. Products are displayed solely for comparison.

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