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Clever Way to Reuse Gift Wrap

Blue Paisley Reusable Gift Wrap Bag

Blue Paisley Reusable Gift Wrap Bag

This season, Designerliners has introduced its line of reusable plastic gift wrap bags. These bags solve the age-old problem of gift wrap disposal by converting into beautiful wastebasket or trash can liner bags. Just flip the gift wrap bag inside out and it becomes a wastebasket bag. The bags come in an array of polka dots, toiles, ginghams, leopards, tattersall, chevron, paisley, and even a peace sign. Each package of gift wrap bags includes metallic twist ties. Look for designerliners gift wrap bags on Amazon.

The low price per bag of these gift bags makes them cost-effective for individuals as well as stores, businesses, and schools. The red gingham, gold gingham, and red toile are particularly good for Christmas wrapping.

Red Toile Reusable Gift Wrap Bag

Red Toile Reusable Gift Wrap Bag

Red Gingham Reusable Gift Wrap Bag

Blue Toile Reusable Gift Wrap Bag

Designerliners® were originally designed as attractive wastebasket bags.

Many designerliners users (both stores and individuals) mentioned that they were using designerliners wastebasket bags as gift wrap bags. Thus, the company designed new packaging to sell the bags as gift wrap bags with included metallic twist ties.

Designerliners gift wrap bags offer great value to the consumer. A package of ten bags with ties sells for $9.95 per, just under a dollar per bag.

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